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AI & Lending

Mortgage Quality Control Software

Loan officers can drop the ball when they don't use mortgage quality control software. As everyone in the industry knows, loan originators must comply with nearly a dozen mortgage or real estate industry rules and regulations that are dictated by federal agencies. Quality control is an integral part of error-free loan origination. In addition to protecting a lending institution from liability, quality control helps to ensure a positive client experience. The process of mortgage quality control involves:

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Mortgage Compliance Checklist

Loan originators must comply with nearly a dozen mortgage or real estate industry rules and regulations. In larger teams, compliance tasks easily slip through the cracks when application steps are split up. Mortgage compliance checklists prevent this problem. In this article, we’ll cover the main mortgage compliance checks to include in your list to reduce risk.

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Cheap Leads: Loan Officer Referral Gifts

The major mortgage companies understand the importance of giving loan officer referral gifts. You may be wondering if this strategy is right for if you're an independent broker or run a small business. Some loan officers see gifts as giving off a bad impression and transactional. But as we’ll see below, there are ways for mortgage loan officers to make gifts look and feel authentic.

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12 Critcal Mortgage Lending KPIs [+How to Track Them]

Brokerages and financial institutions that play a role in the mortgage origination process always strive to increase efficiency. That involves enabling underwriters and loan officers to improve processes by giving them access to loan origination key performance indicators (or KPIs, in short). That said, mortgage lending KPIs are a bit different than other mortgage business trackers. Let’s look at what they are, how to calculate them, and how they can unlock growth in your business.

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Succeeding through crisis: the time to innovate is now

As a mortgage lender, you're likely aware that digitally transforming your lending processes offers several significant benefits. From reducing risk and operating costs to boosting scalability and profit margins and enabling you to deliver leading borrower experiences that breed 'customers for life.' Digitalization is a lever for the positive business outcomes that will allow you to compete profitably in a fast-changing world. 

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