AI & Lending

Blockchain in Alternative Mortgage Lending

Blockchain was first conceptualized in 1991 by Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta. But for about two decades down the line, there was no significant growth until Satoshi Nakamoto brought in the idea of decentralization with cryptocurrencies featuring Bitcoin. 

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Analogy Between Mortgage Life Cycle Using Blockchain and Supply Chain Management

Like every other trendy technology, it can be quite challenging to get your head around blockchain and how it applies in the mortgage space. That’s especially true if you’re not tech-savvy or you’ve conditioned yourself to the conventional centralized system for most of your time. 

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Decentralized Finance (Defi) In Blockchain and Its Impact in the Mortgage Industry

For the longest time, the finance industry has been a conventionally analog domain, but not anymore—thanks to the ever-dynamic technology. From Traditional Finance (TradFi) decades ago through Centralized Finance (CeFi) to the current trend—Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the trajectory is potentially going to remain exponential.

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