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AI & Lending

Analogy Between Mortgage Life Cycle Using Blockchain and Supply Chain Management

Like every other trendy technology, it can be quite challenging to get your head around blockchain and how it applies in the mortgage space. That’s especially true if you’re not tech-savvy or you’ve conditioned yourself to the conventional centralized system for most of your time. 

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Technology is the answer for mortgage lenders during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The FinTech industry is growing incredibly, and even the largest financial institutions have started employing automation in relevant cases. However, before the Covid-19 crisis, mortgage providers were ‘apparently’ not so inclined to pursue digitization. 

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Will lenders turn to technology providers after the COVID-19 crisis?

A recent report on CNBC found that mortgage rates are at record low levels, with some U.S. lenders offering an APR of 2.75% to 2.875% to their top customers. In fact, lower mortgage rates are helping a quicker recovery in the homebuyer market.

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FundMore helps lenders bridge the processing gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report from the American Banker publication indicates that the mortgage lending industry is barely coping with the surge in refinancing applications, and the ongoing social distancing measures add to its worries. Not only the U.S., but Canada as well, are witnessing a sudden rise in the number of loan applications after the recent rate cuts. Many people are rushing to make the most out of the current low-rate environment.

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